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pond frog


You may have heard the Sufi story about an Ocean-Frog who comes to visit a pond-frog, whose pond is three feet by four feet by two feet deep. The pond-frog is very eager and proud to show off the dimensions of his habitat, which in the story signify the limits of mind and desire. He dives down two feet to the bottom and comes up and asks, “Did you ever see water this deep? What is it like where you live?” The Ocean-Frog (from the Ocean of Ilm, the Divine Wisdom, which has no boundaries) cannot explain to the pond-frog what his Ocean home is Like, but he says, “One day I’ll take you there, and you can swim in it.”





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“And With the earth my heart is glad
I move as one of old
With mists of silver I am clad
And bright with burning gold.”

A.E. (George Russell)

quoted in A Handmade Life by W.M.S. Coperthwaite

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