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This site contains “A firsthand account of one German man’s experience living through World War II.”



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Gandhiji told us in I forget which session, “There is a soul force in the universe which if we permit it will flow through us and produce miraculous results.”
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“…we have an audacious idea that says nonviolent peacekeeping is effective and infectious.”

                                         Mel Duncan


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consider the infinite fragility of an infant’s skull
how the bones lie soft and open
only time knitting them shut

consider a delicate porcelain bowl
how it crushes under a single blow
-in one moment whole years disappear

consider that beneath the din of explosions
no song can be heard
no cry

consider your own sky on fire
your name erased
your children’s lives ‘a price worth paying’

consider the faces you do not see
the eyes you refuse to meet
‘collateral damage’

how in these words
the world cracks open


                                    Lisa Suhair Majaj 
                                      Al Jadid, Winter 1998

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“As the death count rises for Iraqis and Afghanis, it is apparent that at its most basic level, these are their wars.  It’s essential that our curriculum confronts this fact truthfully. War is not Hollywood, war is not a macho presidential boast that we’ll ‘smoke ’em out.’
War is life left empty and twisted and brutalized. …

… whose wars?  Our wars. We pay the bills, we elect the representatives who vote the war appropriations, and in daily actions, we oppose, support, or acquiesce to U.S. wars. These are our wars and our students’ wars – to support or to stop.”

                                                   Bill Bigelow


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When the rich wage war

When the rich wage war
it is the poor who die.

                                          Jean-Paul Sartre

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“War is not an accident.

It is the logical outcome of a certain way of life.”

             A. J. Muste

            The Essays of A. J. Muste edited by Nat Hentoff

for more on the subject of peace, please see my olive leaves blog at <oliveleaves.wordpress.com>

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