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“As the death count rises for Iraqis and Afghanis, it is apparent that at its most basic level, these are their wars.  It’s essential that our curriculum confronts this fact truthfully. War is not Hollywood, war is not a macho presidential boast that we’ll ‘smoke ’em out.’
War is life left empty and twisted and brutalized. …

… whose wars?  Our wars. We pay the bills, we elect the representatives who vote the war appropriations, and in daily actions, we oppose, support, or acquiesce to U.S. wars. These are our wars and our students’ wars – to support or to stop.”

                                                   Bill Bigelow



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All anyone could find in it:

a bed lumpy with books
old essays by students

old books
by former students

old checks
from students repaying loans

never cashed


“He was a university professor who ‘never earned a doctorate, taught a graduate seminar, or wrote a book’ He never married and, after entering Notre Dame as a freshman, never again lived outside a campus dormitory.

Yet O’Malley is widely esteemed as one of the great educators of our time. By all accounts, his lectures were inspiring and his devotion to his students unwavering. He knew them each by name and never forgot a one.”

from Journeys of Simplicity by Philip Harnden

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